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Jan 06, 2023

I like the UseGateway wallet

I like the UseGateway wallet. Keep your money safe. Registration was simple, checks were not required, deposits and withdrawals were quick. Commissions are very small and almost invisible during transfers. There are wallet games and online games. I wrote to Telegram support and they quickly helped me with restocking.I like it, I recommend it to everyone!

Dec 26, 2022

I like UseGateway wallet

I like UseGateway wallet, firstly, it is safe to store money, secondly, low commissions. Also service does not require verification. On the site registration is easy and fast, the money is credited and withdrawn quickly. Support in Telegram answers instantly and it helped me. I have no idea how to use it and I will not be disappointed. I am not particularly pleased with it. In general, UseGateway wallet is super, you can use it.

Dec 23, 2022

I like this wallet

I like this wallet, it is easy to use, the interface is friendly, and it is easy to understand all the required steps. The thing I like the most, that I don't need to perform verification for using it, it is real comfortable, and the of money is processing fast without any long delays. As for commission for operations, their are not too high as for such service.

Dec 27, 2022


I have spend a lot of time to found something like that. Extremely simple and very user-friendly.
Much easier than another solutions, im happy with it.
Recommend to everyone!


First thing to do is to register an account on our website. Then you’ll have to decide on how you are planning to integrate UseGateway to your business model, since numerous ways are available for our client’s convenience:

  1. Redirecting customers to the UseGateway website for payment or deposit replenishment. This method requires minimal API integration, which makes it great for any websites, payment bots on social networks and etc.
  2. You may create your own payment form by utilizing UseGateway API, which will allow you to harmoniously integrate our payment interface into your website design and business logics.
  3. Manual payment execution. This method doesn’t require any integration. Right after the registration on our website you may perform payments through your personal account. In order to do this, simply click on the ‘Transactions’ tab and choose ‘Create payment’ option and then send the resulting link to your client.

The amount of our fee depends on the monthly amount of payments. You can find a table of fees for using UseGateway below.

Amount / month Fee (%)
$0 - $150 000 1
$150 000 - $500 000 0,8
$500 000 - $1 000 000 0,6
$1 000 000 + 0,4

Our fees do not include blockchain fees. The blockchain fee and the UseGateway service fee are charged when you withdraw funds.


If you registered via a link from our partners, you may be charged a custom fee that differs from those indicated in the table. The partners set the fee that is applied if you registered via their link, and we cannot change it. It can be either less or more than those indicated in the table.

We currently allow our users to receive payments using the following crypto assets:
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), TRON (TRX), BNB Smart Chain (BNB), Tether (USDT TRC20, BEP20, ERC20), Binance USD (BUSD).

No. Since we are not a financial services provider and do not have any access to the funds on your wallets. We do only provide software solution, which allows our customers to accept various crypto assets in a timely and safe manner.

Payment is a tool for online stores, where products or services are supplied at fixed price. This tool can be handy for replenishing the balance on a fixed amount (for example, $ 50/100/150).

The customer is being billed at the moment of payment creation. Exchange rate is fixed for 60 minutes, during which the client should perform a payment. 60 minutes is the default value which could be changed in the settings section of your personal account on the UseGateway website.

Unlike payments, deposits involve automatic creation of a new wallet for each of your clients, which a client is allowed to replenish at any time for any amount exceeding the minimum replenishment amount you set.

Deposit is a solution that works best for charities, gaming services, poker rooms, casinos.

We do not have any rules regarding this, but we strongly recommend setting the minimum payment amount to be no less than 5$, since otherwise the blockchain network commission (charged as the miner’s or validator’s reward) can eat up a significant part of the transferred amount. Neither we nor you can influence this commission rate.

Yes, we are actively working with partners, particularly on joint promotions, integration with other payment services and platforms, opening representative offices in other regions. For any questions related to establishing partnership, please contact us using email - [email protected] or Telegram - @usegateway.

Payments for selling drugs, medicines (in case you don’t have official rights to distribute them) are not allowed. This is also applicable to fraud related transactions and collecting donations for military purposes.

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